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Brian Beirl, DDS

Kingery & Crouse PA

TZDesign Group

2009 Nove Dec BABM

American Momentum Bank

Brian Beirl, DDS

Links Financial, LLC

Find and Convert

Kingery and Crouse

Steven Kovich Photography

TZDesign Group

Suggested Movie

This is no Secret!
The Y.E.S. Movie

Produced, written and directed by Louis Lautman

This is not just another think it and prosperity will enter your life movie. Louis Lautman reminds us that the word motivational is derived from the word meaning to move with a purpose.

Louis Lautman has followed his own advice. He is a master sales trainer, has written 3 books, has created over 20 hours of audio training, and now has produced this remarkable movie. The Y.E.S. stands for the Young Entrepreneur Society, also founded by Louis Lautman. Did I mention he is in his mid-30s?

My wife and I were fortunate to be invited to a screening of The Y.E.S. Movie at Tampa Palms. What struck me about this movie, after I got over the age of these tremendously successful young men and women telling their entrepreneurial stories, was that anyone of any age could do what they did. Taking an idea, having perseverance and not being afraid to work are the keys. Nothing new, but hearing numerous, contemporary stories sends a powerful message to the viewer.

Here are five things that stand out in my mind from the movie:

  • Anyone can start a business

  • Turn your hobby into your business

  • Start a business regardless of money

  • Develop partners and mentors

  • Start NOW!

Note from the editor: Please don’t let the hype on the promotion site turn you off. The promo is a bit sensational, however the movie is great for the young and the young at heart. A perfect holiday gift for any high school or college student!

Review Information

Dr. Brian Beirl enjoys an active general dentistry practice and is also an educator, author, presenter, consultant and business coach. Dr. Beirl's book The Bookbinder, an inspirational business book about burnout can be downloaded at www.mybookbinder.com

Editors Note

The year is coming to an end. It’s been a more than tedious year and a real test of our fortitude and positive attitudes. The holidays are just around the corner. We are all relieved that we made it through the year, stressed about the holiday traditions of entertaining and giving gifts and looking forward to hanging a new calendar on the wall with a deep breath and self promise that we are going to have a better 2010.

This past year has given us all a little kick in the derriere and made us stop and think about how we run our businesses, live our lives and build for the future. The rule books in every facet of human existence are being rewritten. Medical breakthroughs are extending lives which create the reality that we must become financially prepared to live longer. Corporate giants have learned that they must embrace a new way of doing business to survive. No more extravagance or sluggish decision making.

The silver lining in this economic mess is that we are learning that we have to dig deep down in our roots and extract the personal power on which this country was built. We have to get involved; we have to take responsibility; we have to be frugal and creative. We have to take care of ourselves and our businesses because there isn’t anyone else who will. We have to help each other and we had better be teaching our children the difference between revenue and profit --- the difference between a credit card and a debit card – the difference between waiting for the “break” and creating the “break.”

BABM is entering our fourth year of business. We are more determined than ever to carry out our mission to educate, support and inspire business leaders and emerging entrepreneurs. In Jan 2010 we will be expanding our business resources to business owners though an extension of our already highly ranked and visited website. Stay tuned --- it will go live New Years Day.

With 2010 is just around the corner, let’s all vow to make it a better year in every way than 2009. We can do this if we work together. And you can have a wonderful year if you decide you want it and are willing to take action to make it happen.

In health and wealth,

Bevv Beirl Editor Bay Area Business Magazine

PO Box 8552 Seminole, FL 33775-8552

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7603 Seminole Blvd Seminole, FL 33772

Editor In Chief: Bevv Beirl
Copy Editor: Lauren Coogan
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Two local companies join forces to promote the first major advance in male incontinence care in more than 50 years.

Build a better device for dealing with male incontinence, though, and the world will squirm uncomfortably and try to ignore you.

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